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Class 21 Pilot Scheme Kit

Class 21 Pilot Scheme Kit

£187.50 Regular Price
£180.00Sale Price

This is a 1/43rd scale model representation of the NBL built type 2 locomotive built for BR. In total only 10 of the Pilot Scheme were built and all alocated to the London area Eastern region. It was designed from actual NBL works drawings. The initial number series was D6100 - D6109, the production series will be a separate kit.


This kit has some small production flaws which will not detract from the finish model hence the reduction in price. 


The main Difference between Pilot Scheme and Production were the large twin radiator grills. The later series of course had the vertical louvres


The kit features a PLA mainframe in two sections with one-piece PLA chassis  that is designed to allow any combination of motor and gears. The superstructure is in fiveparts and printed from water washable resin. Also included is Glazing, cab interior and etch brass detail such as headcode discs.


Bogies are one piece printed and simply clip into place over the chassis. Brake linkage is also 3d printed. 


The kit requires wheels, gears and motor to complete. Wheelsets are from Slaters 3'7" 11 Spoke, ref 7843NB. 


Note: the resin is harmfull to quatic life and can cause skin irritation in it's liquid form until curred.  It is recomended gloves be worn when handling. DO NOT USE UHU GLUE ON ANY RESIN PARTS. 




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