With effect from October 26th 2020 SBT Developments will close as a trading entity. Allthough the business is financially viable and proffitable, I feel that going forward I can no longer match the expectations of the market place. 

This decision has been made not as a result of one specific incident but a culmination of events over the past year. To be a supplier to the hobby one needs much more than money. It requires a huge amount of time and effort, skill and dedication. Sadly it appears this is not appreciated in a society where victimnhood has replaced skill in the bid for recognition, and this alone has compromised any enjoyment I have gained out of trading.


Will I still be able to get spare parts for a kit I've bought?

Yes - customer service will still be avaliable indeffinately even after the closure date. 

What's happening to the existing stock?

It will continue to be sold via the shopping cart until exhausted.

Will you be at this years Telford and MIOG show?

Yes, subject to these show's going ahead.

Will you be selling the business?


What about the kits you said you would re-release?

Now this also answers the question: 'are you quiting the hobby full stop?' I will be continuing as a modeller and do enjoy building kits. I also want a layout and a collection of my own so it will be the case I will have models and or kits spare I could sell. These will be on application only however. 

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