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New for 2023

The road vehicle range is being extended with some new chassis cab kits and tractor/trailer combinations. The trailers will be avaliable separetly and in two formats, these being metal skeleton 20 foot and 30 foot and 22 foot wood floored option with an add on kit to increase them by 14 foot to 36 foot. Pictured below is the Bedford TK tractor unit and the 30 foot metal trailer. The container is the 20' model avaliable from Buzz Models.



Then there is the adition of the Alexander Y type bus kit which will join the Leyland National MK1 and MK2 already in production. Three versions will be avaliable at the end of January. 

It is hoped all nerw releases will be avaliable at the first show of 2023 at the Gauge 0 spring convention at Kettering on March 4th. 








TK repaired.jpg
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