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Hobby kits for Gauge O and above







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Elegoo Comando Early 1.jpg

Coming Soon!  Re-Tooled Chassis Cab and Crew Vans! 

3d Printed in Resin with ABS Parts this range will replace all existing kits and be joined by some more!


Railmotor 3.jpg


Complete 3d Printed Engines

Choice of supply on Raft with supports as printed or removed.


Click on the image for more info on Modern Image 0 Gauge

What's new!


Mining/Trolly loco body kit in 1:43rd scale 

Loco Kits

Range of multi-media  kits 

Bogie and Engine Kits

Detailing parts

Under development


Brand new Gauge 1 range starting with, 10800 and D25xx Loco kits along with 3 accesory kits featuring NBL MAN engine kit, Deltic engine kit and MK 1 Boiler


Brand new Gauge 3 range with Class 22 kit underway. 

​3d printed masters


Most masters produced by 3d printing

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