Class 15 BTH Type 1 82xx

Class 15 BTH Type 1 82xx

BTH type 1 later Class 15. 

Introduced 1957 and used on London Midland and Eastern regions. Last four examples converted to carriage pre-heating units.

Retail price £225.00

Pictures courtesy of Mick Allison who bought this kit from me at Telford 2015. I think you'll agree he's done a great job!

  • Details

    Pics show 2nd generation model - This kit has been completly re-tooled and based on Drawing W 4170 from the Clayton Equipment Works.

    Etch Brass Pre-rolled PUH, Cab and Cooling group
    Etch Brass type 1 bogie kit based on original drawings
    Sprung buffers
    Resin Cab interior