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Welcome to the home of

Steve Beattie developments.


Hobby kits for Gauge O and above







New grill sets for

Co Bo on order - hopefully back in stock by Mid-may

see News page for more.

New Postwar Austin Truck

Now in stock - see news for details. 

Exhibitions for 2023

Gauge 0 Guild Kettering. March 4th


Crewe .March 25th/26th

Gauge 0 Guild Summer Convention.

Barnsley June 3rd


Stafford September 2nd and 3rd.


Tractor and Semi-Trailer kits

3d Printed in Resin with ABS/PLA Parts this range will replace all existing kits and be joined by some more!

49 Seater Y Type instock.

Brand new 3d printed kit with PLA window frames,full interior, preformed windscreen, skylights and headlamps.


Click on the image for more info on Modern Image 0 Gauge

What's new!


Mining/Trolly loco body kit in 1:43rd scale 

Loco Kits

Range of multi-media  kits 

Bogie and Engine Kits

Detailing parts

Under development


Brand new Gauge 1 range starting with, 10800 and D25xx Loco kits along with 3 accesory kits featuring NBL MAN engine kit, Deltic engine kit and MK 1 Boiler


Brand new Gauge 3 range with Class 22 kit underway. 

​3d printed masters


Most masters produced by 3d printing

Preservation Groups 


Join these groups and keep our heritage alive

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